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>Planning and Design of Air Pollution Control System

>Planning and Design of Waste Water Treatment System

>Planning and Design of Ecological Engineering Water Purification System


>Planning and Design of Waste Treatment Facility

>Planning and Design of Waste Recycling and Reuse


Construction and Operation of Pollution Control System


>Pollution Prevention Equipment on Behalf of Operation and Maintenance

>Construction and Supervision of Pollution Control System


Environmental Permits


>Stationary Pollution Sources Permit


>Water Pollution Control Measure Plans and Related Document


>Industrial Waste Disposal Plan


>Sewage Sewer Takeover Permit


>Waste Recycling and Reuse Permit

>Drainage Plan and Drainage facility Range Arrangement


>Others Environmental Permit


Environmental Impact Assessment &

Environmental Monitoring and Investigation


>EIA for development project

>Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Assessment

>Carbon Footprint Verification

>Greenhouse Gases Reduction and Plan

>Renewable Energy study

>Environmental Monitoring and Investigation

>Habitat Investigation

>Ecological Considerations for Engineering Projects

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